Our Story

What makes us different from the rest?

No matter if it’s baked or packaged, the #1 ingredient in all Oh, Sugar! products is LOVE. It’s what motivated Nam to bake her cookies, it’s what inspired her granddaughter to start sharing that joy with eager customers in 1990, and it’s what compelled one of those loyal customers, Amanda Black, to purchase the company in 2003. That labor of love continues today, and with the help of her husband Bruce, Amanda works to ensure that our love will live on — for Nam’s legacy, for our many nationwide customers and, most importantly, for her two children.

All the ingredients in our cookies can be found in your own pantry or refrigerator: real butter, real sugar, hand cracked eggs. At Oh, Sugar!, we never compromise on quality,  baking every order in small batches daily to ensure freshness. Our cookies take the guilt out of treating yourself — which is good because ask anyone who has tried them, and they’ll confirm: you can’t eat just one!

Our cookie recipes came from Nam herself. A grandmother of 11, Nammy continuously whipped up her tasty bits for every family celebration — weddings, birthdays, baby showers or even just because. Shared by her granddaughter, and now cultivated by current owner, Amanda Black, Oh, Sugar! remains true to those recipes. That’s why each bite of our scrumptious bits tastes as if your own grandmother baked them herself.

Now offering all four flavors of cookies, all Oh, Sugar! products are baked, packaged, and shipped out of our warehouse in Cumming, GA. We are excited to say that our customer base has grown nationwide and that we have had the pleasure of expanding our reach to all 50 states while continuing to stay true to our roots. Proudly headquartered in the Atlanta area for nearly 30 years, we continue to take pride in our city and our community.

Still wondering what makes us so special? Oh sugar, just take a bite!